The Cross

by Pogohm





Released on 8Ravens [8R057]:

Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:

A cross is usually a form made out of a vertical and a horizontal lined structure. The horizontal one is shorter in length than the vertical one, but can be up or lower. Depending if the cross is placed upwards or upside down. But The Cross by Pogohm is different, as it is music. Lobit techno music in two parts to be exact. Non of the two parts are horizontal or vertical, but they are both freely playable in all directions.

The cross by Pogohm is like listening to an underground club zone with pounding beats and party like accents. But in this case you have to think of it being literally underground. Just imagine your ears full of earth dirt and than going out clubbing. On one hand the blockage of the ears are protecting them for any damage that the blasting techno music might do to them, but on the other hand having your ears full of mud or sand might not be really good for your hearing systems either. But luckily Pogohm makes sure you can experience this effect without damaging your ears or effecting your health. This is lady’s and gentlemen: the benefits of hearing techno music in a extreme lobit rate. Are you ready to embrace the 8kbps underground club zone?


released January 23, 2012




Pogohm France

Lobit or HQ sutpid electronic stuff! Don't ask me for long mastered releases: I'm very impulsive & punk in my way of producing, I prefer short & raw formats!

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