Kidz In Space

by Pogohm





Released on SPTOtfSP [SPTOtfSP022]:

Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:

The world wide success act Pogohm has already claimed many incredible strong releases over the entire globe. Always pushing the boundaries of dance music with a strong identity of its own.
The following record is released on the equally important and highly influenceable label out there: SP Records. Well actually a sub division of this hot record label called SPTOtfSP, which also got its own handful of admirers. Run by a very selective Koala who is in need for eatable leaves and selects pure quality music that fits on floppy disks. I can only claim that this release by Pogohm is yet another success story you definitely shouldn’t miss out on!

Kids In Space feels a bit like a deejay mix of different enjoyable things.
There is lounge music, big fat wobbling bases at the the end to wobble on, happy almost child-like melodies, a relaxing breakbeat and trance elements. Something to enjoy and be all smiley about.
To top it of, this is all captured in that fine quality lobit rate, making it sound even more authentic, and warm for the ears!

‘Sofa Raver’ is lucky for us also captured in this delightful sound. This dance tune is absolutely pumping its grooves through your system, Delivering the ultimate lobit dance experiences and good vibes wherever they are traveling. Pure happiness is what shines through here, and not to forget; some serious deejay skills of the ravingly mad Pogohm!


released January 1, 2013




Pogohm France

Lobit or HQ sutpid electronic stuff! Don't ask me for long mastered releases: I'm very impulsive & punk in my way of producing, I prefer short & raw formats!

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