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Released on Effluvia Recordings [ER094]:

Description by Effluvia Recordings:

Hello again it’s Effluvia yes hello nice to see you I am words. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Pogohm is the best there is and you know it all of the world most know it or else I renounce the air they breathe. Arnaud Barbe is young, in his early twenties, and yet he manages to create more output than an entire culture of human beings. It shows there is hope for the future of music, yet. Sometimes he is Pollux, and if any of you are not aware of that name from Greek Mythology or astrology, than you best fuck at least know the netlabel Pollux, who far transcends those trivial things. Pollux soothes the soul, excites the mind, torments the spirits, contemplates the catastrophies, and so on and so forth, very introspective and masterfully crafted, and then there is his party time from the inferno project Pogohm. Sometimes fruit punch laced dance sessions with smoldering chandeliers and way too much of the wacky weed business! Sometimes nothing but harsh speedcore machine-gun noise from an acid trip horror movie marathon in a fumey wasteland of blue meth and hilarious samples, sometimes true electronic psychtrance hardcore fast lane driving. This album, this hologram that Barbe has created, ties his two projects together. One track is a hologram by Pollux. And oh what a hologram! harmonious and filled with cheer, yet still packing a punch of eye bursting color swashes and beats to toss your salad. Then a remix by Pollux, which has a deeper resonance, no beat, no salad, but still those bursting colors and that harmony, and oh lets not forget the cheer! speaking of which. hip hip hooray! Much love to you Arnaud. I hope one days all the clubs that reverberate off the urban walls spanning miles and miles will play nothing but Pogohm, Pogohm, some Pollux for the romance, and then more fucking pogohm woooo!!!!!

Review by Yeah I Know It Sucks:

Sounds of beauty, where have you been? Well it could be that they had been hiding in a nice release by Pogohm, on the poetic Effluvia Recordings. ‘Hologram’ is the track where I was aiming at, as this track is heavenly based on its electronic melodies that are of a high feel good nature. It reminds me of experimental techno music but it also delivers the stability for a quality attack of dream dance. The warmth of this release is of a great heath, that it helps if you have an air-conditioning to cool yourself down from excitement. It contains some out of tune tones, but because you are enjoying the melodic structures so much, everything just seems to make sense and work out brilliantly. This is a perfect track for a summer’s day or perhaps a dream of a summers day… So if you are experiencing bad weather, snow, wetness, rain and cold, let pogohm transport you into better temperatures with ‘Hologram’… This will certainly does the job!

The great thing of this release is that Pogohm gives you more where this beauty came from.
The second and last track is a remix by close friend of Pogohm, called Pollux and remixed the track into a wonderful relaxing drone mix. This is an amazing match with the original work and does basically it’s best in relaxing your overworked brain muscles to great lengths. These wonderful strings of feel good sound waves are something I would recommend to everyone with back pain, worries and for everyone without these factors. This is an absolute beauty and where the original is perhaps so hot that you need air-conditioning, this drone mix has the perfect match between a refreshing coolness and sparkly warmness. It is basically like prickly heath but than playable to your ears for the best relaxing results. Absolutely delightful!


released June 8, 2012




Pogohm France

Lobit or HQ sutpid electronic stuff! Don't ask me for long mastered releases: I'm very impulsive & punk in my way of producing, I prefer short & raw formats!

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